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Online Drawing Classes

Online Drawing Classes

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We offer online drawing classes for kids or amateur artists in India at the best prices. Get ready to explore new techniques, experiment with various mediums, and watch your talents soar to new heights.


At our Art Studio you can learn portrait sketch, mandala art, madhubani art, warli art, watercolor paintings, oil paintings, and acrylic paintings.

Why should you join online art classes?

Online art classes offers flexibility in scheduling, allowing students to access lectures and materials at their convenience. They eliminate geographical barriers, enabling access to artistic education from anywhere with an internet connection.

Interactive online collaboration of student with the professional artists or collaboration among students give an edge to the artistic knowledge. 

Online art classes reduce commuting time and expenses, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. Additionally, they can accommodate different learning styles through customizable learning modules and multimedia content.

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Portrait Sketch

A portrait sketch is a representation of a person's likeness captured through lines, shading and proportions, typically rendered quickly and spontaneously. 


It conveys the unique personality, emotions, essence of the subject in a dynamic and intimate manner, showcasing the artist's ability to translate human features onto canvas with precision and artistry.

In our sessions, you will delve into the fundamentals of portrait sketching, from mastering proportions and anatomy to understanding the interplay of light and shadow. Through step by step guide and personalized feedback, you will gain confidence in your ability to translate observations into captivating portraits.

Join our classes today to boost your artistic skills in drawing portrait sketches. Message on Whatsapp or call us directly to book your classes. You can also fill the form at the bottom side of this page.

Drawing Mandala Art

Mandala Art is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism representing the universe. These intricate designs typically feature a circular pattern, often with a circular pattern, often with a central focal point, radiating outwards with geometric shapes and symbols. Artists create mandalas using various mediums.

Mandala art serves as a tool for promoting relaxation and inner peace. Mandalas are rich in symbolism, with each element carrying significant meaning. Circles represent unity, completeness, and eternity while geometric shapes symbolize balance, harmony, and order in the cosmos.

Beyond their  spiritual significance, mandalas also serve as a form of self-expression and creativity. Artists infuse their personal style and interpretation into each design, resulting in a divers array of mandalas reflecting individual perspectives and experiences.

We have the best classes for the students to make learning mandala art easy and enjoyable. Book your classes today.

Madhubani Art Drawing

Madhubani art, originating from the Mithila region of Bihar, India, is a traditional form of painting characterized by intricate patterns, vibrant colors, and symbolic motifs. Artists primary use natural dyes and pigments, derived from plants and minerals, to create these eye-catching-designs. 

One of the unique aspects of Madhubani art lies in its diversity, as it encompasses a wide range of themes including mythological stories, religious rituals, nature, and everyday life. 

Artists often incorporate modern elements such and techniques into their Madhubani paintings, blending tradition with contemporary aesthetics. The fusion not only keeps the art from relevant but also attracts a wider audience who appreciate the blend of heritage and innovation.

We have especially designed classes for you to make learning madhubani art easy end enjoyable. Start your journey to learn modern madhubani art with Deepa Nangal Art Studio

Warli Art Drawing

Traditional Warli art is mainly originated from Warli tribe in Maharashtra, India. What makes Warli art unique is its emphasis on communioty and tradition, with each painting often telling a story passed down through generations.

Warli artists utilize natural materials such as rice paste, charcoal and cow dung to create their artworks on walls, floors, and paper. The art form typically features scenes of village life, including celebrations, farming activities, and religious ceremonies, depicted in a rhythmic and repetitive manner.

Modern Warli art is made through experimentation with colors, textures, and compositions, they breathe new life into this ancient art, making each piece a reflection of their individual creativity. Artists use various mediums such as canvas, paper, fabric or clothes to expand the possibilities of expression within the Warli art tradition.

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and creative exploration, and let your I, imagination take flight in our inspiring art classes. Whether you are passionate about portraiture, mesmerized by mandalas, intrigued by traditional Indian art forms, or eager to experiment with different painting mediums, there's something for everyone at our art studio.

Come discover the joy of art and unlock your full artistic potential with us today.

Detail Of Classes
Demo Class ( Free )
Call us or message us for joining our art classes via online mode and order us for a demo class. There will be no any fee charged for the demo class. Each class will have a duration of 60 minutes
Premium Class ( 500/INR)
A premium class is a kind of group class where you will be joining the art class with 3 other students. This class will have a maximum of 4 students including you and it will never exceed 4 students. This class is recommended for the students who have the spirit of competition with class fellows.  Each class will have a duration of 90 minutes.
VIP Class (1000/INR)
In the VIP class, only you will be joining the art class. This class is best for the students who are well-focused and want full-time attention of the artist for themselves. Each class will have a duration of 90 minutes
The best thing about Art Class is that you can learn multiple types of art at one prize. All types of art classes have the same price.
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