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Easy watercolor paintings to copy

Updated: Mar 9

Explore a realm filled with vivid hues and graceful brushstrokes through our assortment of complimentary and easy watercolor paintings to copy. Our blog serves as a valuable resource for both experienced artists and beginners alike, providing a platform to enhance your artistic abilities and delve into the captivating world of #watercolorart.

From lush landscapes to delicate florals, each painting offers a unique opportunity to learn and grow as an artist.

Therefore, seize your #paintbrushes and allow your imagination to take flight as you submerge yourself in the enchanting realm of watercolor, rather than plunging into starry nights. Visit our blog today and start painting your masterpiece!

Deepa Nangal Art Studio is providing you 20 easy watercolor paintings to copy. You can practice for these paintings at your home. Try to paint every single watercolor painting on your canvas step by step.

Upon completing all the tasks, you will find that your artistic skills have significantly improved. It will obviously consume your little time every day, but the time invested is not the time wasted.

If you set your goal as one painting per day, you are still being enough productive to be a good artist. But you have to invest your extra time in learning art if you want to see your name with #famousartists. You have to be patient for the best results, patience is the key to success especially in art.

This #arttutorial is suitable for beginners with a very light workload. Give little attention to the tasks yourself, and you will feel the improvement. Practicing hard and consistency is the key to success not only in art but in every field.

So, let's begin the journey with the painting of trees. It's the easiest painting in the collection and obviously it is the best for the #beginners.

easy watercolor paintings to copy
Painting No. 1

Second task for you is to draw flowers. Flowers are easy to draw and paint, they are best for the beginner artists to practice watercolors.

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Painting No. 2

online watercolor painting lessons
Painting No. 3

If you have completed the task up to three paintings, then you are good at handling #brushes and you have a good artistic skill. We are increasing the difficulty level for you. Now you have to draw and paint #fruits.

creative ideas easy watercolor paintings to copy
Painting No. 4

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Painting No. 5

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Painting No. 6

Well done!! If you have completed the task up to the sixth painting, it's a great news for you. Clap for yourself. You have just learned some basics that how to add shining shade to the objects.

Make sure that your painting must be matching exactly with our painting, or it should be looking better than our paintings before you proceed to the next task.

Now practice drawing and paint more fruits as we know "practice makes an artist improved. " Yeah! No one can be perfect, but everyone can get near to the level called 'perfect'. Keep improving yourself to achieve that level. Good luck #artists.

easy watercolor paintings to copy step by step
Painting No.7

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Painting No. 8

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Painting No. 9

Impressive!! You are doing great Mr./Miss artist. If you have completed the difficulty up to the level nine you should be proud of yourself.

Just rest and relax and again be ready with your #drawingbrushes. Now the next task is to draw the buildings so that you can have a little idea about #sceneries.

landscape watercolor paintings
Painting No. 10

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Painting No. 11

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Painting No. 12

drawing watercolor paintings for beginners
Painting No. 13

Congratulations artist!! You are doing very well. But it was easy task to do. Now we will more towards easy but tricky #boatpaintings to check out your patience and brush handling skills. The shading skills you have learned up to now going to help you to paint water and its shine.

We are not making these #artworks perfect for you because we want to make your think. It will help you to improve your imagination. It is your time to add your own #imagination into this painting and obviously your paintings must look more attractive than our 14th and 15th paintings.

free watercolor painting lessons
Painting No. 14

free watercolor art lessons
Painting No. 15

Woah!! That's a great progress artist. Are you feeling the inner happiness? Yes, you should feel happy and proudful about yourself after achieving every goal doesn't matter if it's small or big. Don't forget to cheers.

So now come to the point again, now we will move to more colorful stuff. Ummmm.. Do you like the idea to paint a parrot? Come on!! what's more colorful than a #parrot.

online watercolor classes for beginners
Painting No. 16

easy parrot watercolor paintings for beginners
Painting No. 17

simple watercolor paintings to copy
Painting No. 18

We really wish if we could gift you a medal for this achievement. You are a great artist if you have completed every task up to our 18th task.

You should make sure not to miss any task, as each task is designed to improve you. So, we should always grow by step by step. Fast or shortcut growth is either luck or scam. But we trust in you our little great artist. We know that you are very honest about your work.

Now we have 2 last tasks. They may look easy, but they are not. We began this little course of art almost with flowers and we are closing it on flowers. But you have to paint them exactly as they are on the canvas or better, just like high quality modern art.

easy flower watercolor paintings to copy
Painting No. 19

Easy flower watercolor paintings to copy
Painting No. 20

Congratulations our brave artist. If you have completed every task with passion and perfection, then you can call yourself an artist. But there's a very long way to become a great artist. It's time to dive into the world of imaginations and try to draw some #landscapepaintings by yourself.

Tutorials make the learning process easier but still you have to try it by yourself if you want to grow faster. We are here always to help you.

Now we are looking towards to make an easy task base tutorial where you can practice abstract paintings and easy oil paintings. You should keep checking for the updates on your art blog, soon we will be teaching you how to use oil on canvas.

Deepa Nangal #artstudio always welcomes you with heart. We are always thankful for your support and trust. Your support is making us widely recognized on social media platforms.

This century is a modern century and art is also dynamic in nature, art is also being a lot different now a days as compared to the art of 19th century or 20th century art. So, we also have to change with time.

So, step up to learn art with passion with Deepa Nangal #artstudio. Learn #modernart with advanced learning techniques via online mode.

As you know we have specialized art classes where you can learn sketch portraits, watercolor paintings, acrylic paintings, oil paintings and sculpture making with very innovative painting techniques.

Every kind of classes is available for beginners or amateur artists who are willing to boost their artistic skills.

Click on the button below and book your art classes today with Deepa Nangal Art Studio

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